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BGE Customer Choice Program

BGE has developed a Customer Choice program to assist electricity suppliers with the information and forms necessary to register and conduct business in BGE's territory.  The links below cover a variety of topics that will provide the electricity supplier with the necessary information to register with BGE and enroll customers.  Electricity suppliers should also familiarize themselves with Maryland's Electric Choice rules that are covered in the Customer Enrollments & Drops and Customer Billing & Payment links below as well as the Electricity Supplier Coordination Tariff link on the left.  Additional information on "Obtaining Customer Information", "Load Profiles, PLCs, Energy Settlement", "BGE Programs, Electric Tariffs & POLR Information", "EDI Information & Testing", "Meter Reading Info & Schedules", and "Electric Metering Information" can be reviewed by selecting the links on the left.  BGE has also provided statistics on BGE & Maryland enrollments in the link below.

Any electricity supplier intending to participate in the BGE Electric Choice program should seek his/her own independent legal, technical, and financial advice.  All legal relationships between any party doing business with BGE shall be controlled by the applicable laws, regulations and tariffs, and by the respective agreements signed between those parties and BGE, and not by the provisions of this web site.  Please click on the current approved version of the Electricity Supplier Coordination Tariff for the applicable tariff provisions.