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Meter Reading Info & Schedules

BGE is responsible for reading the customer's meter.  In the event an actual meter reading cannot be obtained, BGE shall estimate the customer's consumption for billing purposes for the applicable period in accordance with the  BGE Retail Electric Service Tariff and with PSC regulations.  BGE will normally provide the gas or electricity supplier with actual or estimated meter read data within 72 hours of the Meter Read Date via Commission approved standards.


For informational purposes, BGE will perform an off-cycle meter read for a fee in accordance with Schedule 1 of the BGE Electricity Supplier Coordination Tariff. However, this meter read is for informational purposes only and will not impact the meters' regular bill schedule or a customer's switch.


The following occurrences may result in delays or changes to meter read dates and/or the conveyance of meter information. 


  1. Account Terminations - If a customer account is terminated, the meter read date may be adjusted.  In such cases, the meter read data will normally be sent within 72 hours of the actual meter read date.

  • Customer Requests - Whenever possible, BGE accommodates customer requests that they not be billed based on estimated meter reads.  In such cases, meter read data will normally be provided within 72 hours of the first available actual meter read.

BGE has made the following meter reading schedules available for review by clicking on the links below.  These schedules are provided to inform gas and electricity suppliers as to when their customerís meter will be read and to assist electricity suppliers in determining when a customer enrollment or drop will be effective for an individual account. 

In order to determine an account's Meter Bill Group, a secured area of this web site (CDWeb Access) has been created for accessing restricted customer and BGE information.  A user ID and a password are needed to gain access to this area.  Additional information about this secured area can be found by going to the Customer Consumption Data section of this web site.


Please be aware that BGE may periodically change an account's Meter Bill Group in order to improve the effectiveness of gathering meter readings.  It is strongly recommended that electricity suppliers obtain the most current Meter Bill Group for an account before sending BGE an enrollment or drop.