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About Us

For over 190 years, Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) has been meeting the energy needs of Central Maryland. BGE serves more than one million business and residential electric customers and more than 600,000 gas customers in an economically diverse, 2,300-square-mile area encompassing Baltimore City and all or part of 10 Central Maryland counties.


Today, we are building on this proud tradition to create a promising future for our employees and our customers. On May 3, 1999, Constellation Energy began operations as the holding company for BGE and its affiliates.


On July 1, 2000, BGE moved from being a vertically integrated utility that both produces and delivers electricity to one that delivers electricity produced by others.


Our Mission
We will safely, economically, reliably, and profitably deliver gas and electricity to our customers.


Our Vision
We will be a recognized leader in energy delivery by enhancing our customers' quality of life, our shareholders' value, and our team's well-being.


BGE Electric Transmission & Distribution

BGE delivers electricity over its transmission and distribution systems to over 1.1 million customers. Our electric system includes more than 1,200 miles of transmission lines and more than 21,000 miles of overhead and underground distribution lines.


BGE is a member of the PJM Interconnection, LLC (PJM).  PJM is an independent Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) that plays a vital role in the U.S. electric system by providing its membership opportunities for buying and selling power, arranging transmission service, and allowing the use of larger and more efficient generating units.  PJM also manages a sophisticated regional planning process for generation and transmission expansion.  This all results in lower costs to customers and increased service reliability.  PJM coordinates the movement of electricity in all or parts of Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.

BGE Gas Distribution

BGE delivers gas over its distribution systems to over 600,000 customers. Our gas service territory covers approximately 800 square miles and includes more than 7,050 miles of gas main.

Service Area


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