BGE Electric Choice Program

BGE's Electric Choice Program assists electricity suppliers with information necessary to conduct business in BGE’s service territory. For more information, please refer to BGE's Electricity Supplier Coordination Tariff.

Registered electricity suppliers are subject to the terms in BGE's Electricity Supplier Coordination Tariff and governed by MD Public Service Commission (PSC) through Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) Title 20

EDI Information

BGE‘s Electric Choice Program utilizes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Transaction Guidelines as approved by the PSC. Please refer to the list of EDI Rejection and Reason Codes BGE supports, the EDI Transaction Reference Document and EDI Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

Multiple Scheduling Coordinators

A Scheduling Coordinator is used when an electricity supplier chooses to separate a block of accounts within their existing customer base for PJM Load. Our system accommodates multiple scheduling coordinators for each supplier. A supplier may utilize a third party to manage their PJM Load. Refer to Section 3.0 of BGE’s Electricity Supplier Coordination Tariff.

Electricity Supplier Monthly Invoices

BGE prepares an Electricity Supplier Monthly Invoice for various electricity supplier charges. Each supplier is assigned a unique bill account number associated with the invoice. The electricity supplier must make payment for charges incurred on or before the specified due date. Late fees will be assessed if payment is not received by the specified due date.