Testing Process for New Gas Suppliers

BGE’s Gas Choice Programs uses Uniform Electronic Transactions communicated via Extensible Markup Language (XML), as approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission, to communicate to and exchange data with gas suppliers serving residential and small commercial customers. If you plan to participate in our Daily Requirements Service program you must complete XML Testing. If you plan to participate in our Daily Metered Program will be required to participate in a brief XML Test to obtain customer’s historic usage.

The XML transactions used in Maryland are:

Testing Windows

Date Status
January 4, 2022 Open
April 1, 2022 Open
July 1, 2022 Open
October 3, 2022 Open

Gas Supplier XML Testing will begin on the first Monday of the respective testing month. To be included in one of the scheduled testing windows, gas suppliers must notify BGE at least 30 days in advance of the respective testing window. To qualify for Gas XML testing, new gas suppliers must be licensed by the Maryland Public Service Commission and must have completed the steps outlined in the DRS Supplier Qualification Process prior to the start of XML testing.

XML Testing Requirements

The following links provide information about BGE’s XML testing requirements. XML Schemas are in the required .xsd format.

  1. Maryland XML Test Plan
  2. BGE Specific XML Test Plan
  3. XML Schemas - ALL
  4. XML Electronic Transactions Process Flow Diagrams
  5. Daily Metered Transactions Process Flow Diagrams
  6. MD Gas Standards
  7. DSWeb Help Document