Testing Process for New Electricity Suppliers

BGE’s Electric Choice Programs uses Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Transaction guidelines as approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC), to exchange data with electricity suppliers. To participate in our Electric Choice Program you must complete EDI Testing.

EDI Certification Testing verifies that electricity suppliers have the necessary software and hardware to send, receive, and translate standard business transactions mandated by the PSC.

The EDI transactions used in Maryland are listed below. A description for each transaction can be found at EDI Transaction Reference Document.

BGE uses the Gas Industries Standard Board (GISB) Electronic Data Management (EDM) Versions 1.4 and 1.6 to provide EDI data transport. Currently, BGE employs Hansen Technologies as its EDI service provider and data management support.

If the electricity supplier is not capable of moving through the EDI testing process in a timely fashion, BGE reserves the right to suspend testing.

EDI Testing Requirements

To qualify for EDI testing, new electricity suppliers must have completed the steps outlined in the New Electricity Supplier Application Package and Process. In addition, electricity suppliers must submit trading partner profile information via the GISB EDM Information Worksheet.

For additional information or to schedule EDI testing, please Contact Us.

Prior to EDI testing, please view the EDI Implementation Guidelines which are provided in a zipped file

EDI Implementation Guidelines ZIP (1.5mb)

Please refer to the list of EDI Rejection and Reason Codes BGE supports, the EDI Transaction Reference Document and EDI Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.